Join AppArranger in supporting Marco Schwinger in his fight against cancer.

Marco Schwinger has been diagnosed with lymphoma for the third time , but fortunately found a stem cell donor . Unfortunately, however, he has run out of sick pay and his employer will continue to pay 80% of his salary until July 15, 2021. His wife can’t work full time because he can’t take care of the children. And the IV only pays when a work attempt is in prospect. According to medicine, a possible attempt at work can only be expected after six to twelve months. Therefore, the financial burden for the family is huge and that is where we would like to support them with the fundraiser.

AppArranger donates CHF 1.- per kilometer driven

Alexander Lepuschitz and his cycling team partner Lisa Brömmel are training for the “Race Around Austria”. Apparranger wants the family of Marco Schwinger by donating for each kilometre travelled donate one Swiss franc. This applies to the preparation time and during the race until the end of August. The two competitors are optimistic that they will be able to cover about 5000km in the period from 16 June to and including 31 August 2021.

Would you also like to support the family? Then you have the possibility to donate any amount per driven kilometer. Please fill out the form below and indicate your amount. You will then receive a confirmation email. The amount of the donation will be transferred directly to Marco Schwinger’s account at the end of the event by each donor.

Total kilometres travelled: